The Gift of the Season

Terry Cummings, owner of Write Selection, a boutique stationery and gift shop in the Preston Hollow community in Dallas, found something he didn’t expect at the Dallas Trade Show: his next big success story.


At the Dallas Market Center trade show in August, Zoubaby’s booth caught Terry’s eye. Specifically, Zoubaby’s color-changing umbrellas grabbed his attention. The unique product was like nothing he had seen before, and he knew it would be a hit at his local boutique.

“I’m always looking for new products and offerings that I haven’t seen in other stores,” Terry said. “And I definitely haven’t seen the color-changing umbrellas anywhere else.”

Photo Sep 14, 2 09 34 PM

Terry loved the unique design of the umbrellas, which start out black and white when dry and change to a rainbow of pastels when wet. In fact, he loved them so much that he decided on the spot to add the color-changing umbrellas to his store’s selection of gifts for women.

Back home in his shop, Terry set up a special seasonal display for women’s clothing and accessories—complete with jewelry, wraps, Zoubaby boots and, of course, the Zoubaby color-changing umbrellas. With a spray bottle of water available on the table, Terry would invite his customers to test out the umbrella by spritzing it with a few splashes of water right there in the store.


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.41.52 PM copy

“Most of my customers were in awe because they’ve never seen an umbrella quite like it,” Terry said. “And I let everyone know that I thought this was the next big gift of the season.”

His prediction was right: Terry has had an incredible amount of success featuring the Zoubaby umbrellas, including one customer who bought 10 of them—without ever seeing them in person!

“She trusted my recommendation, and that was enough!”

Photo Sep 14, 2 28 21 PM

The major perk of the umbrellas, according to Terry, is that everyone needs one—especially during the rainier seasons. It’s a gift that actually has a use, and Write Selection’s clients loved that an ordinary product had such a unique style and touch.

With more than 80 umbrellas sold (to date!), it looks like Terry definitely did make the right selection for Write Selection!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!  Zoubaby products are on Sale for the holidays! Place your orders by December 20 to receive in time for Christmas!

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