Putting the Pep in Your Pup’s Step!

We are so excited to share the launch of our new line of products for man’s (and woman’s!) best friend! Slide on your boots and grab your Zoubaby jacket, because no rain is going to stop you from hitting the streets with your dog this Fall.

Zoubaby Dog Products

With all of the great fashion and accessories for women and children, we realized that we were leaving out some of our best companions from our line–and what’s better than treating your pooch to a personalized safety harness or monogrammed jacket??

Photo Aug 28, 8 06 32 AM (1)

Rain or shine, your pup will be safe and comfortable in the all-new safety harness, which provides a secure place to clip your leash while on a walk, and it also comes with a 10-inch seatbelt loop for the days you’re on the go.

Photo Aug 28, 8 02 48 AM (2)

On those wet or cold days, stay warm and dry by pairing your own women’s jacket with your dog’s all-weather jacket. No need to wrap up your walk earlier due to the weather–you both can stay healthy, fit and active during the cold and wet months. No excuses! 🙂

Now is the perfect time to put in your custom orders for the holiday season. Admit it…you spoil your dog, and you enjoy every bit of it! Our personalized dog harnesses and jackets make the perfect gift for the dog-lover in your life. Visit our website and order yours today!

The Whole Story of Wholesale


At Zoubaby, we are always looking for ways to share the Zoubaby love! We attend trade shows, sell our products online, and we work with vendors across the country to help connect our customers with Zoubaby products. From women’s monogrammed rainboots to children’s umbrellas, we have tons of products that we want to customize for you!

Zoubaby Children's Monogrammed Rain boots

Zoubaby Monogrammed Children’s Rain Boots are ready to be personalized just for you!

One way that we share Zoubaby products is through wholesalers. But what is wholesaling, you ask? In short, we sell products to other stores, who then sell it to you. Zoubaby is so lucky to have great partnerships with boutique stores from coast to coast. We build relationships with store owners, work together to stay up-to-date on trends and fashion, and get the best products to you at great prices.

Zoubaby Boots

Zoubaby women’s rain boots, umbrellas and rain gear wait for their new homes!

Because our vendors have their own operating costs, you may see some changes in price from our website to their store floor. But trust us – those differences in cost are helping small businesses (including Zoubaby!) continue to serve our communities. From boutique clothing stores to the Mom & Pop shop on the corner, local businesses are a fantastic way to share our love for unique, monogrammed style that’s all about you!

A Day in the Life of Trade Shows

This year, we’re excited to announce that Zoubaby is heading to Dallas for the upcoming Dallas Market Center! Last year, we had a blast at the Atlanta trade show, and we’re excited to make new friends and get Zoubaby in front of a whole new crowd in Texas.


Considering that everything is bigger in Texas, we’re prepping our team for a great show. But do you know what it takes to participate in a trade show? It’s a lot of work! We thought we’d share some behind-the-scene looks at a day in the life of Zoubaby at a trade show. So here’s what we’re doing, step-by-step and day-by-day to make sure our monogrammed gifts and products make it to you!


  • Pack it all up: Heading to a trade show requires a lot of advanced planning. We’re gathering our materials, like fliers, samples, giveaways (we love freebies!) and plenty of business cards for all of our potential clients.
  • Fly on out: Because the drive from our home base in Ohio to Texas is insane, we’re flying this year! It pays to arrive in advance to have plenty of time to find our booth (trade shows are enormous!) and set it up for the next few days.
  • Arrange our gear: Zoubaby brings samples of all of our boots and most of our products for other trade show attendees to see. We never know who we’re going to meet—an owner of a small boutique, editor for a magazine, or affiliate who wants to expand their Zoubaby line of products. We’re prepared for everything!
  • Say hello: Once the trade show kicks off, we chat with everyone who stops by our booth (and usually plenty of other folks, too!). We answer questions, take orders, pass out candy, sing songs…the days are long, but they’re filled with fun interactions and making plenty of new connections. We love turning visitors into Zoubaby lovers!
  • Introduce our starter kits: A lot of our visitors love to sign up for our starter kits—they’re an amazing way to introduce Zoubaby products to your store. Our kits come with sample boots for all of the women’s sizes 6-11 and children’s boots sizes 10-4 for customers to try on. We also send folks packing with a Zoubaby poster, signage, font cards and thread color counts so you can easily decide which boot you love best. We’ll also throw in two monogrammed samples for a store’s display, which we’ll customize just for them!
  • Reduce prices: Trade shows are hard work, so we like to offer our fellow trade show attendees a discount.
  • Gather details: At the end of the day, we sit and enter in all the information that we’ve gathered during the show. We never want to miss a detail, so we stay up on our paperwork and start each day with a fresh batch of forms and kits.
  • Repeat! Trade shows last for several days, and each day we’re ready for whatever comes our way! At the end of the show, we pack up our gear and head back home, where we reach out to our new connections and prepare all of the starter kit orders we received at the show.

From there, we focus on maintaining great relationships with our new Zoubaby affiliates. There’s nothing better than knowing more women and children across the country will have access to the wonderful Zoubaby products! See you in Dallas!

Zou, baby! The story behind our brand

When it comes to personality, Zoubaby has a lot of it. From our logo to our products, the Zoubaby brand reflects our fun-loving attitude. But the real story of Zoubaby started nearly nine years ago, when Bridget Davis, the company’s founder and owner, took a trip to France. Her trip was not exactly a leisurely vacation; rather, it was a total immersion class to help people learn how to speak and understand the French language. Relying on English to communicate was frowned upon, and so Bridget quickly turned to her new French friends for help. She learned one important word from her girlfriends: zou. In French, ‘zou’ is a word full of independent attitude, and Bridget fell in love with it.

“When you use the word zou, it’s an expression of energy,” she said. That energy captured exactly how Bridget felt: confident, modern and independent, with a little bit of sass for good measure. After her experience in France, Bridget carried that ‘zou’ energy with her, and she channeled it when she started considering a new business opportunity back home in Ohio.

“I was wearing these great, tall leather riding boots everywhere,” Bridget said. “But I was wearing them out and ruining the leather, so I decided to find the same style in a more versatile rubber version.”

But fashionable, good-looking women’s rain boots were hard to find in a trendy style. Bridget took matters into her own hands. She researched manufacturers, searching for a rubber boot that was not only fashionable but also durable enough to handle the wear and tear a typical woman’s busy lifestyle. Bridget found a manufacturer, and she ordered 1,000 pairs of boots. Channeling that ‘zou’ energy, Bridget decided to take a pair of boots to her monogram machine in the basement. And with that, the first pair of Zoubaby monogrammed rain boots was created!

Bridget next customized a pair of boots for a friend, and between the two of them, orders started trickling in. First, orders came from friends and family. But, eventually, Zoubaby’s style and personal touch made its way around Cincinnati.

“I will never forget the first time I saw a complete stranger wearing the Zoubaby boots,” Bridget said. “It was at the movie theater, and I couldn’t believe it. Up until then, I was at least familiar with everyone who was ordering from us. But I didn’t know her, and it was so exciting!”

Success quickly grew, and under the advice of her friend, Liza, Bridget started forming reseller partnerships with small boutique stores and began attending industry trade shows. The sales of boots skyrocketed. Bridget was making all of the boots on her own in her basement. She moved production to an outside office, and the company has continued to grow and expand ever since.

Over time, Zoubaby added monogrammed children’s rain boots, monogrammed umbrellas, monogrammed iPad cases, and monogrammed rain jackets for women and children. Stay tuned for exciting updates and changes to our products!

Zou, baby!

Blooming Boots!

Blooming 2While we all love the blooms that come with spring flowers, there has been some less-lovely blooming happening this season—and we want to fill you in.

In the world of boots, blooming refers to the white, powdery marks that occasionally appear on rubber boots. Blooming naturally occurs when insoluble particles rise to the surface of your boots, causing a powdery effect. The marks are completely normal and appear in many high-quality rubber products.

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