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zoubaby logoZoubaby is dedicated to celebrating you and your style — in any kind of weather! Rather than promote our label, we shine the spotlight on yours with four monogram styles and 8 thread options that will brighten even the cloudiest of days.

Zoubaby’s founder, Bridget Davis, is a Cincinnati native and a mother of four. She founded the company when she wore out her favorite leather riding boots. She realized she needed to find a more versatile, longer-lasting alternative that would meet her need for comfort and quality, but also reflect her stylish flair. Read more about the Zoubaby story on the Zoublog.

Endlessly creative, she experimented with a pair of her daughter’s rubber rain boots and a monogram machine. Ta-da! Zoubaby boots were born and they’ve been turning heads and making people smile ever since.

Purchase them here and look for them in nearly 300 boutiques and retailers across the Midwest and South. You’ll also see Zoubaby monogrammed boots featured in magazines including Southern Living, and on trend-setting, puddle-jumping women, sorority sisters and kiddos around the globe!

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